Residents without a roof are looking for roof owners!


19,000 extra solar panels on collective roofs. That is our ambition. This allows us to provide the municipality of The Hague with sustainable electricity for 10% of its needs. This is only possible with the help of roof owners and residents who want to invest in sustainability. Are you in?

Residents without a roof are looking for roof owners in the Hague!

Do you have a passion for sustainability and do you have a big roof at your 

  • school
  • sportsclub
  • company/organisation
  • or institution?

Are you thinking about making the roof (partially) available to people in the area for solar panels? And thus contributing to making the city more sustainable? Then we are looking for you!

If you have any questions please contact us here.

Investing in solar panels (for individuals and small companies)?

Are you a resident or own a small business and have a passion for sustainability? Choose the option that suits you most:

  • You want to invest in solar panels on your own roof (of your house or company) see the services offered by 070Energiek
  • You want to invest in solar on someone else’s roof, read here how it works.

Spotted an empty roof? Let us know!

Do you not have a large roof of your own, but do you know of a nice roof in your neighborhood that would qualify for a large collective sun roof? Then contact us here to let us know!

Thanks in advance!