Solar on someone else’s roof


Haagse Stroom wants to make The Hague more sustainable through more solar panels on more roofs. We are therefore happy to help you generate solar energy. With each other or for each other. Even if you don’t have your own roof. Participate and invest in a collective solar roof!

A collective solar roof? That is a large roof of a company or organization that people in the neighborhood can use to install solar panels together. Each participant thus benefits from the advantages of 100% solar energy.

 This is how a collective solar roof works (infographic)

A collective solar roof in your neighborhood? Brainstorm with us, and participate!

Haagse Stroom helps residents and organizations with the realization of a collective solar roof. We take care of everything during the entire process. We do this in a professional manner and work nonprofit.

For more information, check the frequently asked questions or contact us.

Stay informed!

We are currently working hard on our first two collective solar roofs. You can find information about these on the page about current projects on this site. Do you want to stay informed about projects or do you have a tip? Send us a message and we will put you on the mailing list.

Spotted an empty roof? Let us know!

Do you happen to know a nice roof in your neighborhood that would qualify for a large collective solar roof? Then contact us here to let us know!

Thanks in advance!