Your roof as a collective solar roof?!


19,000 extra solar panels on collective roofs. That is our ambition. That is why Haagse Stroom is looking for building owners with a large roof and a green heart.

Many people in the The Hague would like to invest in solar panels, but do not have their own roof. For example, apartment owners or tenants. We have found a solution for this: collective solar roofs. These are large roofs of companies, organizations and institutions with solar panels from and for the people in the neighborhood. 

This is how a collective solar roof works (infographic)

A collective solar roof without any hassle

Interested in a collective solar roof on your premises? We would be happy to visit you to discuss the options. Realizing a collective roof requires a lot of consultation and organization. Haagse Stroom arranges everything during the process. We work professionally and are non-profit.