Haagse Stroom is a non-profit citizens initiative. We work together with various organizations including 070Energiek, Groene Regentes, Duurzaam Den Haag, the municipality of The Hague and the Province of South Holland.

With 070Energiek we are looking for solar roofs, but we are also working on saving energy through the organization of EnergyParties.

Haagse Stroom is a member of om | nieuwe energie

Like many other local energy cooperatives, Haagse Stroom is a member of the national energy collective om | nieuwe energie, the largest and the greenest in the Netherlands.

Scoring a 10 om| nieuwe energie was voted the greenest energy supplier in the Netherlands for the fifth time in a row, in the annual independent research conducted by the Consumers’ Association, Greenpeace, Nature & Environment and WISE. With that score om | nieuwe energie outdoes not only the large energy companies but also a number of well-known green suppliers.

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The board of Haagse Stroom:

Together for sustainable energy

  • Mathijs Koper

    Mathijs Koper


    Mathijs lives with his family in Leidschenveen. For a better, green future for future generations, he is committed to Haagse Stroom. He also works with his two own companies on developing impact-driven start-ups in the region, among other things.

  • Marco van Steekelenburg

    Marco van Steekelenburg


    Marco has been committed to a green and healthy The Hague for years and lives with his family in the Valkenboskwartier. He is one of the founders of Haagse Stroom and also works at the Province of South Holland. He works on energy innovation there.

  • Annemarie Costeris

    Annemarie Costeris


    Annemarie lives with her husband and kids in the cozy Center of The Hague. She works for the Dutch Association for Sustainable Energy (NVDE) in Utrecht, and also wants to work locally for a green future.